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Kale is it Edible?

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A friend of mine gets a delivery once a week of organic fruits and vegetables. One of the vegetables she was getting was kale. She asked me if I had ever eaten any. I told her I hadn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know people ate kale. I worked in catering for a few years and we used kale to decorate the food and buffet tables. Eat it? No yuck!

I did a little digging and this is what I found. Kale is a real super veggie.

Kale has cholesterol-lowering benefits if you cook it by steaming? Including Kale in our diet has been shown to lower the risk of some cancers.  Kale is part of the cabbage family, it does not form a head like cabbage. It has loose curly leaves. Kale can be mildly bitter, the younger leaves are more tender and less bitter. Kale is a nutritionally rich in calcium, vitamin K, folic acid, magnesium and beta carotene.

Kale is delicious sauteed, steamed, raw with olive oil or mixed in a salad. I went to our local EarthFare and bought a bunch of green kale and a bunch of purple kale. Now what to do with it. I decided to make some kale chips. I will let you know how they turn out.

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