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Pork and Sauerkraut in a Crockpot

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Growing up in my family we had a New Years tradition. We always ate sauerkraut and pork after we rang in the new year. It was one of the few meals my Dad cooked. He would make it a couple different ways.

I still make it for my family. I usually don’t stay awake until midnight anymore so we have ours on New Years Day. Here is the plain and simple version.

6 Bone-in country style ribs trimmed of excess fat

2 bags or jars sauerkraut

salt and pepper

chicken broth if you drain your sauerkraut

sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of ribs


In a large frying pan heat some oil and brown your pork ribs, a couple minutes on each side. Until seared and nice and brown. Do a couple at a time.


Place the browned pork ribs in the crock pot


Cover with sauerkraut


Cook on low 8 – 10 hours


I always make mashed potatoes on the side. Nothing goes better with sauerkraut and pork.

Remember to watch for any bones if you use bone-in ribs like I do. You can also use a pork loin, shoulder or roast. Cook at least 10 hours if using larger cuts of meats.

I was always told the reason we eat the sauerkraut and pork is for good luck in the new year. And who can’t use a little extra luck?

Happy New Year!

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