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The Stevia Plant

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Does growing a noncaloric sweetener in your garden at home sound like a dream come true? The Stevia plant is a hardy perennial plant in zones 9 – 11. I’m in zone 6 so for me it’s an annual plant.

Can you grow stevia in your garden? Can you use fresh stevia in recipes? Can stevia be preserved for use later? I hope to answer these questions and many more.

The stevia plant likes loose airy soil.

Stevia rebaudiana is a plant species in the genus Stevia of the family Asteraceae. It is commonly known as candyleaf, sweetleaf, or sugarleaf.

  1. Stevia is widely grown for its leaves and the extracts can be manufactured into sweeteners.
  2. Stevia is a fairly tall plant, 24 to 48 inches tall. It produces tiny white flowers that have no fragrance.
  3. Stevia is an easy plant to grow. It is an annual except in Brazil where it is grown as a tender perennial.
  4. Stevia plant enjoys full sun and rich well-draining soil.
  5. The stevia leaves are the sweetest in the fall. The leaves can be harvested and dried for use later.

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