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Walk-in Greenhouse that’s Affordable

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If you like to get a jump on spring like I do check out this Walk-in Greenhouse that’s an affordable option for your backyard.

I’ve always imagined how wonderful it must be to have a greenhouse in your backyard. I’ve made my share of cold frames but that’s not a greenhouse. Last spring my son-in-law gave me a portable greenhouse. It’s simple to put together, took me no time at all by myself.

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It took me less than 45 minutes to put the greenhouse together. Easy peasy! All the pieces go together easily, no tools needed.

You can easily move the greenhouse anytime after it’s assembled. So if you change your mind and want it in a different location in your yard, no biggie I’ve moved mine a couple of times with no problems.  

After you’ve decided on the location there are metal stakes to fasten it down, sort of like tent stakes. I also placed stones around the edges to keep the air from blowing under the plastic. Seals up real nice.

I’ve been purchasing my vegetable and flowers seeds from Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. I met Mary online several years ago when I started buying her excellent seeds. I can find some of the most unique seeds on her site. I especially love the  .99 cent seed selection. I’ve never been disappointed in any seeds I’ve purchased from Mary. Check out her extensive selection at Mary’s Heirloom Seeds.

This is one of my orders from last year. I love attracting the bees to my garden. Mary makes it simple for you with the “Save the Bees Flower Mix”.


It’s really great on cool days. I can sit inside the greenhouse with my seeds and soil and do my gardening out of the wind in the warmth of my greenhouse! I love it!

I take my music with me and it’s great!

You can also add some sort of plant light or small heating element made for the outdoors. I use a single grow light, with a clamp lamp light with aluminum reflector to keep the greenhouse warm through the cool spring nights.

Time for me to get back out to the greenhouse. I still have plenty to do. Spring can be a very busy time of the year for me! Do you have a greenhouse? I look forward to hearing about your experiences with seed starting and growing in a greenhouse. Please share.

Happy gardening!

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