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Old Fashioned Cider Press Party

A few weeks ago we were invited to an old-fashioned cider press party. The family we buy our beef from also hosts an annual cider press party. The grandkids loved seeing all the cows. I didn’t tell them that 1/2 of one pf those cows

Full Hunter’s Moon

  Hey all you moon watchers, tonight is a full moon. The moon will be officially full at 7:38 PM EST. Tonight’s full moon was named Hunter’s Moon by the Native Americans because it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter. It’s

Full Harvest Moon

Today the moon is full at 7:13 AM. The Native Americans called this moon the Full Harvest Moon  or the corn moon. This moon would mark when the corn needed to be harvested,  Neat fact, farmers can work late into the night by the light of this moon.

Full Sturgeon Moon

Hey all you moon watchers. Today August 20th at 9:45 PM EST the moon will be full. ( Check out my cool picture below ). Did you know that the Native Americans named the full Moons? The August moon was most commonly known at the

Full Buck Moon

Hey all you moon watchers the moon is full today, July 22 at 2:16 pm est.  This full was commonly referred to as the full buck moon because it’s when the new antlers on the buck deer emerge out of their foreheads. They are like

Full Strawberry Moon

Hey all you full moon watchers. The moon is full at 7:32 AM est. Did you know the Native Americans named all the full moons? This moon they named the full strawberry moon because the Algonquin tribes new it signaled time to pick the ripening strawberries,

Full Flower Moon

(photo credit Hey all you full moon watchers. At 12:25 AM EST the moon is full. Did you know that the Native Americans named all the full moons? This month it’s named the Full Flower Moon, because the flowers are in full bloom.(Achoo!)  It’s also called

Full Pink Moon

Hey all you moon watchers. The moon will be full today at 3:57 PM est. Did you know that the Native Americans named the full moons? This month it’s named the full pink moon because it’s named after the herb moss pink, also known as

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Full Cold Moon

I’ve always been a moon lover, watcher. I follow all the phases of the moon, even as a small child it fascinated me. This Saturday morning at 5:21AM EST / 2:21AM PST the moon is full. I found this beautiful picture I want to share

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Muddy Puddle

“Oh hi Mamal… I’m making you a surprise. A muddy puddle. Do you like it?””   “It’s okay if I get a little dirty…right?”     “Don’t worry Mamal, it’s still me, I’m still Katie.” Gotta love a girl who’s not  afraid to get her hands

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   Spent a nice day with the grand babies. I took them to the farmers market early this morning. There is a field next to them where they plant sunflowers and they are in bloom now. It’s beautiful. They plant two crops about 2 weeks apart.

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Home Sweet Home

As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like home”  I am back from our  Tennessee vacation with my daughter and her family. They had record setting temperatures here while we were gone. Glad to have missed that. It was hot where we were, but