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Learning Tree Farm

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The Learning Tree Farm 285

Have you ever noticed some of our greatest treasures are practically in our own backyard? Ever since my grandchildren were born I look for places locally that I can take them when they are at my house visiting. Kids need to be kept occupied. I like to take them places where it involves being outside in nature. The latest place we have been exploring is called Learning Tree Farm. It was founded by two local school teachers Sally Keyes and Jean Ryan back in 1973. They realized after taking their students on field trips to Triangle Park and Island Park in Dayton that most of their students had never experienced seeing “so many trees in one place”. They became excited seeing the birds nesting, and playing along the river. These women got together support and created Learning Tree Farm. It took a lot of hard work and still does. The farm is a non-profit organization. It relies on volunteers. Member’s of my family have been volunteering at the farm for years. You can read more about Learning Tree Farm here.

The Learning Tree Farm 281

You can go anywhere on the farm. The rules are simple. Be calm and kind to the animals.  You can pet them, even go into the pens with them, which we did, You have to make sure you don’t leave the gates open so the animals don’t get out. Also watch where you walk. We loved the little pygmy goats. They were so cute and very friendly. There were cows, horses, sheep, pigs and goats.

The Learning Tree Farm 211

Hugs. 🙂

The Learning Tree Farm 198

Selfie with this cute guy.   🙂

The Learning Tree Farm 200

He wasn’t sure what to make of the chickens at first.

The Learning Tree Farm 243

A pretty friendly group of gals. I think they’re gals, aren’t they?

The Learning Tree Farm 235

The farm dogs loved to play fetch

The Learning Tree Farm 255

The Learning Tree Farm 259

They spent plenty of time climbing on these old tractors. Pretending they were farming the land. The dogs were looking for someone to play fetch.

The Learning Tree Farm 266

Working hard in the fields. 😉

The Learning Tree Farm 228

The garden was amazing. All raised beds. Lots of herbs and veggies.

The Learning Tree Farm 252

This is just a small amount of the things to do while at the Learning Tree Farm. It is truly a hand on experience for the young and the old. It cost $3 per person or $10. a family.

They have special programs for schools and churches. You can find all that information on the web site here. Follow Learning Tree Farm on Facebook. 🙂


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