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Full Harvest Moon

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Today the moon is full at 7:13 AM. The Native Americans called this moon the Full Harvest Moon  or the corn moon. This moon would mark when the corn needed to be harvested,  Neat fact, farmers can work late into the night by the light of this moon. A full moon rises an average of 50 minutes later each night. But a few night around the harvest moon it seems like the moon rises 25-30 minutes later across the U.S., and 10-20 minutes later for Canada and Europe.

Now I have that song playing in my head…

Shine On Harvest Moon

By Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth (1903)

Shine on, shine on harvest moon
Up in the sky,
I ain’t had no lovin’
Since January, February, June or July
Snow time ain’t no time to stay
Outdoors and spoon,
So shine on, shine on harvest moon,
For me and my gal!

Catchy tune 🙂

Happy Moon watching!

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