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Mocha Pumpkin Seeds

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I’m sure I mentioned this before but just in case you didn’t know, I grew 13 pumpkins in my garden this year! It was my first time to grow pumpkins and it was pure pleasure watching these pumpkins grow from big beautiful yellow flowers into a round green then orange pumpkin. I went out daily to turn and check my babies. So now I have all these lovely pumpkin for my recipes. 🙂 After I cook my pumpkins to make puree I have the seeds to roast. I love them roasted with sea salt. I thought I would jazz them up a bit. I found this recipe in Taste Of Home magazine. Sept/Oct Issue.

Did you know that 1/4 cup of these chocolaty pumpkin seeds have 25% of a woman’s daily magnesium requirement? That magnesium plays an important part in helping bones absorb calcium. Just one teaspoon full of cocoa powder makes your blood pressure go down according to an Australian study. Geez we always ate them as kids because my mom we didn’t waste anything. Who knew they were so good for you?

You’ll need:

2 cups salted pumpkin seeds, mine were raw

2 Tablespoons baking cocoa, I used Hershey’s cocoa

1 Tablespoon instant coffee granules

1 egg white

In a food processor pulse all the dry ingredients until finely groundMocha Pumpkin Seeds 198

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In a small bowl whip up you egg white until fluffy and frothy.

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Add the salted pumpkin seeds and coat them all with the egg white.

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Add the powder and coat all the seeds.

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Spread in a single layer on a a parchment lined baking sheet.

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Bake in a Preheated 325 F degree oven for at least 20 to 25 minutes. Turning them after 10 minutes are so. Bake the until they are not so sticky. Mine stayed kind of sticky even after I baked them a few extra minutes. They hardened up after I took them out and they cooled down.

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After they are cool they are ready to eat. You can store them for a long time in an airtight container. I keep mine for months,these won’t last that long. lol. Enjoy.

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I share at these parties.

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