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Princess Cupcake Dress

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My granddaughter turned 6 years old this month. She likes me to make her cake for her birthday party. Last year I made a Princess cake.

Princess Cake 010

This year since she is still wild about Princesses so I decided to make a Princess Cupcake Dress. I figured it would be less mess to have cupcakes at her party instead of having to cut a cake, and dish it out. I did a search on Google 🙂 and found a picture from Pinterest.

First I made my homemade chocolate cake recipe. I used pink cupcake holders so they would match the icing. I used 30 cupcakes for my dress. The original picture shows using more then 30 but I didn’t need that many cupcakes and I thought 30 looked fine. My husband came in after I took this picture and adjusted the cupcakes into a more dress shape. I was quite impressed and thankful for his keen eye…who knew? Lol. I thought he was milling around trying to snag a chocolate cupcake. 😉

Princess Cupcake Dress 003.

 Mix up the icing in a bowl I used my recipe for simple white icing and tinted it pink.

Princess Cupcake Dress 005    Princess Cupcake Dress 006      Princess Cupcake Dress 007

Generously ice all the cupcakes. I used little candy beads and a cloth applique from her Elsa dress for the necklace. I bought a inexpensive tiara and wand. The waistband was also made out of candy beads.

Princess Cupcake Dress 014

 I share at these parties.

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