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Cereal Rainbow Craft for St Patrick’s Day

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I like finding crafts for Katie to do that aren’t to time comsuming. They need to be something hands on that can be finished in about 30 minutes or less. She loves to glue things on paper. I found this cute and easy craft in Thriving Family Magazine. We made it for St Patrick’s Day. It’s a Cereal Rainbow made with cereal. I already had a box of Fruit Loops in my grocery stash.(I never pay more then $1.00 for a box of cereal especially these sugar filled types).

You’ll need:

Fruit Loops

bowls for sorting out the colors


paper plate

non toxic glue

First lay down some newspaper. Katie wanted to stay in her pj’s this morning 🙂

Sort out the cereal colors into bowls. Kate loved this part.


Cut your paper plate in half for the rainbow. I used a large oval plate because it’s all I had on hand. It worked great. I trimmed around the outer edge to make it lay flat.


I squeezed the glue out for her. Such concentration 🙂


I tried to get her to place her colors like a real rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet)

 but Katie did it her way…lol!

Ta da! Isn’t it perfect? Great job Katie. And no she did not eat the rainbow 🙂

I share at these parties.

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