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How to Paint Rocks for Hiding Outside

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Let me show you how to paint rocks that will carry a positive message and brighten someone’s day. How to Paint Rocks for Hiding Outside that will last in all weather?

Rock Painting for Hiding Outdoors

We spend many of our weekends exploring the local parks. We are fortunate enough to have many an exceptional park system with hiking trails, creeks, ponds, rivers, trees, and meadows to name a few.
Each season brings new views to the parks. I’ve written a few posts about our beautiful local parks.

Our favorite park is Grant Park. Grant Park is located within a couple of miles of my home.

One very cool thing people do is they paint small rocks with sweet positive messages and hide them for someone else to find. It’s kind of like hide and seeks someone hides a painted rock, you find the painted rock, smile, and hide it for someone else to find.

(Photo credit: Unknown)9

To paint the rocks in we used acrylic paint pens. The acrylic is easy to apply and control the flow of the paint. We tested each pen to check the flow before painting each rock. The best part is you do not need to be an artist, you only need a willing spirit.

We used polished rocks, aren’t they pretty? You can use any semi-flat rock with a smooth surface, I just happened to have these in my flower bed. Before we start painting the rocks need to be washed and dried. This way the paint will adhere to the rock better.

My granddaughter is painting a flower on her rock. After we are finished with the painting and it has dried we sprayed a coat of acrylic sealer to protect the artwork. This craft is good for all ages.

These two rocks below are my favorite of all the rocks I painted today. Peace and love are both simple words, then why are they so challenging to attain these days?

Peace and love to you. xoxo

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Make sure you wash each rock with soap and water, you may need to do a little scrubbing on some rocks.
  2. If you mess up a design the paint will wash off if you do it quickly.
  3. You can always paint the entire rock if you are not satisfied with how it turned out.
  4. We look for flat rocks to paint in our local parks and creeks beds.
  5. The Dollar Tree has bags of polished rocks.

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