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Exploring Parks Series ~ Carriage Hill Farm (Part 1)

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I love exploring our local park systems. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and went to a few of the Five Rivers Metro Parks. As soon as my grandchildren were old enough we’ve started exploring the local parks. Sometimes the kids go with me and sometimes I go with my dogs if the park permits dogs. Most will let you bring leashed dogs on the trails but not in the historical areas where they have buildings, gardens and other things the dogs might bother.

Carriage Hill Farm 135

Exploring is in my nature, you will be surprised some of the things I find tucked away on my hikes and park visits. So in 2016, I decided in keeping with the theme of my blog ‘Keeping Life Simple’ to start sharing our trips to our local parks. I love photographing my visits so get ready for lots of pictures. 🙂

Carriage Hill Farm 056

The park I want to start with is Carriage Hill Farm is part of a 900 acre Metro Park called Carriage Hill Reserve. It was the first park of the new park district. It was opened in April 1965 with 224 acres. Its original name was Drylick Run. The focus at the park has always been preserving the native tree’s, flowers, and birds. That’s what draws me to these types of parks you can learn so much about how life was lived before my time, but mostly because it’s a very peaceful place to visit. I remember coming here when I was young and I remember my parents bringing my kids here to watch them churn butter or mill wheat.

Carriage Hill Farm 044 (1)

On this visit, we were greeted by a flock of friendly sheep. Katie and Tyler were younger when I took these photos. It was early in the morning and a slight haze in the air. It was beautiful. I took these pictures with an old DSL camera.

Carriage Hill Farm 011

Carriage Hill Farm 013

Carriage Hill Farm 030

Carriage Hill Farm will take you back to what farm life was like in the 1880’s. With its period farm animals and gardens.

Carriage Hill Farm 043

Carriage Hill Farm 038

Carriage Hill Farm 040

Carriage Hill Farm 026a

Everyone who works at the historical farm wears authentic clothing from the 1880’s. Depending on the season, you may witness blacksmithing, woodworking, ice harvesting, meat smoking, threshing, shelling, grinding corn or making sorghum.

Carriage Hill Farm 033

There are also acres of trails to hike or ride on horseback. We took a small hike this visit. The kids were pretty good about the length, don’t want to get stuck too far on a hike when the whining begins. My rule #1 I don’t carry anyone on hikes, it’s a rule they know going in.

There is plenty of space for the kids to run and play.

Carriage Hill Farm 045

The stairs to nowhere.

Carriage Hill Farm 046

Carriage Hill Farm 047a

Crossing over the creek. Let the adventure begin!

Carriage Hill Farm 050

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Carriage Hill Farm and Reserve adventure.

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