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Identifying Different Cuts of Beef and Pork

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Identifying Different Cuts of Beef and Pork


Over the years I have altered what I eat many times. One day you should eat this, then the next day you find out they were wrong and you should not be eating that. Confusing sometimes. For 15 years I did not eat any beef or pork. For the first 10 years of that I also did not eat chicken or fish. About 4 years ago I decided to eat beef and pork again. I started with a big juicy hamburger and I never looked back.

I spent much time soul searching my choice. At the time I had been working with a doctor for 7 years, he is a big hunter, and he eats what he kills. We have had many conversations about hunting and eating meat. I learned a different point of view. It let me see things from his perspective. It can be a complicated choice. But it is just that a choice. We all have the right to make our own choice on what we feed our bodies. Over all I think a balance is important. To much or to little of anything can be a problem.

So with that being said, I think it’s also important to understand where our meat comes from. So many people today have no idea the hamburger from the burger resturant is from a cow. Or that the rib sandwich is from a pig. It’s important to know and understand what we feed our bodies and to teach that to our children.

I found these charts on cuts of meat and what cooking methods are best for each. I thought you might find this helpful. Go here to view the charts on different cuts of meats.

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