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Backyard Gardening ~ Cooking Pumpkins

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Backyard Gardening Cooking Pumpkins 5

This is the first year I have grown cooking pumpkins. Last year on my neighborhood walks I enjoyed watching the progression of a pumpkin plant a neighbor had planted in his front yard, right around some hostas. He let it trail along the bed and it produced a couple of big beautiful pumpkins. I was so jealous. So I decide I would give them a try. My friend grew my plants from seed. I planted them along the edge of my large garden bed. You can find all the information you need to plant your own pumpkins here.

I have been cooking my own puree for a couple of years now. It is really easy to do. I shared the recipe here. I make it ahead of time and freeze it for later use.

Backyard Gardening Cooking Pumpkins 1

Hmmm…. It has really taken off. It is trailing in between the tomato plants. I help direct the vines. You have to be careful they are delicate and prickly…ouch!

Backyard Gardening Cooking Pumpkins 2

I LOVE the big beautiful yellow flowers!

Backyard Gardening Cooking Pumpkins 3

I was squealing with delight when I first saw these little fellas. Now I am keeping an eye on about 6 pumpkins so far. They say to make sure they grow evenly you should turn them gently. I have to say this is an exciting plant to grow. It is so beautiful. It is starting to grow into my grass. I will help it make it’s way into another bed close by so it can keep on growing.

Backyard Gardening Cooking Pumpkins 4

Happy Gardening!

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