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Homemade Star Bird Feeder ~ Easy Kids Craft

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Making this Homemade Star Bird Feeder is an easy kids craft.

My granddaughter Katie and I love making things together. I found this great idea in the Family Fun magazine. We love feeding the birds and with spring on the way I thought we could make this cute little bird feeder.

You’ll need:

Cardboard (I used an old box because it’s a little thicker)


string, twine

peanut butter

bird seed

I found a template for a star here.

First cut out your star using your pattern on the cardboard.


Poke a hole in the top for your twine/string.

Coat the cardboard star with peanut butter on both sides.  Katie’s favorite part of course.


Using a cookie sheet, pour bird seed onto the cookie sheet so you can coat the peanut butter with seeds. Use the pencil to hold on to the star.


Thread the twine/string through the hole so you can hang it up for the birds.

Katie was so excited to hang it outside. I hung it on a shepherds hook outside my kitchen window so we can watch the birds eat 🙂 brrr… it’s cold outside!

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