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Marshmallow Snowmen ~ Easy Kids Christmas Craft

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Katie and Tyler came for a visit today.  Since going outside was out, I decided to teach them how to make marshmallow snowmen. They love marshmallows so I figured they could eat the snowmen and the mess if I make everything edible. Brilliant huh? I do have my moments lol! You can easily make these with stuff you already have in your pantry as long as you have marshmallows that is.

We used:


Mini chocolate chips

an orange marshmallow peep (leftover from hallowween)

white chocolate discs (you can use any chocolate you want)


First melt the while chocolate in a small bowl. I used this to attach the eyes, nose etc… We used stick pretzels to apply the chocolate to the marshmallows.

On the first marshmallow we made the face using the mini chips and the cut up peep. On the other marshmallow we used the pretzels for the arms and mini chips for the buttons


We put some white chocolate on the flat part of the marshmallow so we could stack them.

Tyler thought they turned out pretty good. He wanted to eat them 🙂


We used a fruit roll up to make a scarf.


And now the best part of all…eating the little fella.


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