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How to Make Ghost Hunting Goodie Bags

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I know what you’re thinking,”What is this woman talking about, how to make ghost hunting goodie bags, what the heck is she crazy?” Well maybe I am… but after my first ghost hunt, I couldn’t wait to go again.
How to Make Ghost Hunting Goodie Bags
When we spent the night in the Randolph Asylum I didn’t know what to expect. All the ladies brought snacks to share so this time I thought I would create a little ghost-busting bag for everyone.

I went to a dollar store to get the goodies so the cost was minimal.

Ghost Hunting Goodie Bags

You’ll need:
small paper bags
emergency candle
matches, I would have included a small flashlight with spare batteries but since these ladies had been doing ghost investigations for several years I knew they would bring a couple flash lights.
glow stick necklace
portable antibacterial gel
sage stick
disposable incontinence briefs (for a giggle)
snacks of your choice, I put a tootsie roll lollipop and two types of cookies

Small paper bags to carry the goodies. You can buy them three for a dollar in several different colors. I love these bags and always have some on hand to use as a gift bag.
Emergency candle and matches just in case all the batteries are drained, It actually happened to a video camera we were using the night we spent at the Randolph Asylum. Pretty weird stuff.

Glow stick necklace, these are fun to wear and you can see where everyone is.

Bandages, antibacterial wipes, and/or portable antibacterial gel. Most places are old and dirty so make sure you bring a mini first aid kit and something to clean and disinfect your skin. Water can be limited at some places. I feel fortunate because a couple of the ladies I ghost hunt with are nurses so I think I’m covered. 😉

Notebook and pen/pencil. I like to jot notes down as I experience different moods, temperature changes, anything out of the norm. Helps my recall.

Sage stick. They are said to help remove bad energy, vibrations, souls, and spirits. I burn sage in my home periodically to keep out bad energy. More to come on making and using your own sage sticks.

Disposable incontinence briefs (for a giggle). I have actually heard of some people wetting themselves because they get so scared. Who would know, they look so stylish now.
Snacks of your choice, I put a tootsie roll lollipop, cookies. When we take breaks we love to eat snacks! Keeps us awake and full of energy.

We were all a little extra nervous going into the Monroe House so the little goodie bags lightened up everyone’s mood. I’ll tell you all about our experience in the haunted Monroe House next week so stay tuned. The stories surrounding that place…wow!

What are your thoughts on paranormal investigating or ghost hunting? I’d love to hear about any experiences you may have had with ghosts and/or spirits.

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