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My Night Locked in the Randolph Asylum Ghost Hunt

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A couple weeks ago I was out to dinner with my sister and she was telling me that a woman she works with invited her to go on an overnight at the Randolph asylum ghost hunt. I was shocked and excited about the whole idea of going on a ghost hunt! Geez, I love those shows and watch them every chance I get. I told my sister how lucky I thought she was, she then asked me if I wanted to go with them? I told her I would love to go if she was sure her friend did not mind… so she messaged her friend and her friend said, of course, I could come along. So the plans were set… and we were going to spend the night in the Randolph Infirmary Asylum in Winchester Indiana. Woot woot!

randolph asylum ghost hunt

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in life after death, dying, the supernatural and things of the past. I’m sure I get it honestly from my parents, especially my mom. I love crawling around old buildings and looking through old stuff.


I have had… you can believe it or not a supernatural experience… it happened not long after my dad passed over. I was at work very early in the morning all by myself. I was the general manager of the food service department so I loved going in early and working on my paperwork in the peace and quiet. This particular morning I woke up extra early… when I say extra early I’m talking 4 AM. When I arrived at work I came in the back like always locked the door behind me and went to the kitchen. I had a small office in the back of the kitchen. I dropped off my purse, turned on the radio, grabbed my keys and headed for the elevator to go upstairs and collect my mail from my mailbox in the school office. This may sound odd but I don’t turn on any lights, it’s slightly lit by the exits signs. I don’t think it’s creepy or anything, it feels peaceful to me. So I travel down the dim hall and get on the elevator to go to the 2nd floor. The doors open on the second floor and I walked off into the dimly lit hallway, the elevator doors close behind me, I thought I saw a flicker of light coming from the door window of a classroom. I walked to the window and peeked in… The television was on and whatever program that was playing on the television screen was running backward. I was spooked and took off towards the school office to grab my mail. By the time I reached the office I had decided I was being silly but wanted to get back downstairs as quickly as possible. I didn’t pick up my mail. I slowly walked back to the elevator and walked over to take another peek in the classroom to see if the television was still on and playing backward. It was I looked around the darkish room and could see that no one was in there, I jiggled the doorknob to see if the door would open… it was locked. That made me really freak out, so I pushed the button for the elevator and waited anxiously for the doors to open. I hurried into the elevator and quickly pushed the button to close the door. When I reached the first floor and the doors opened I took off towards the brightly lite kitchen. I felt like my body was freezing. So I ran to the stack ovens next to my office to warm up. I stood there for a moment to catch my breath… all of a sudden I started listening to the DJ singing on the radio, he was singing… “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” I thought my heart would stop beating… that is exactly what my father would sing when he was pretending that he was a good singer. Only that one line. We would always laugh when he did that. The grandkids thought he was hysterical. I felt so warm and I smiled so big in that moment. I felt like my daddy was letting me know everything’s fine and he was okay. A couple minutes later my husband called me, he was worried that I had left so early for work. The timing was perfect so I was able to share my wonderful experience with him. Like I said believe it or not. 🙂

So with my story being told I’m still a huge skeptic. I believe people hear things and believe that what they hear are spirits or ghosts but are really normal everyday sounds. We are easily convinced and spooked in the dark and at night…lol.

Now on with my night spent at The Randolph Infirmary (Asylum) in Winchester Indiana for our Randolph asylum ghost hunt. We arrived about eightish, I wasn’t sure how many of us there would be, there ended up with only four of us… awesome!


One of the owners Chris met us there, it was about dusk. There was going to be eight of us but the other four canceled after we had already arrived. The other two ladies are seasoned ghost hunters, they have been doing serious ghost hunts for years. They brought their own equipment even though the owner offers free use of equipment while on your ghost hunt. Pretty cool! I thought we would wander around all night by ourselves looking for ghosts. It’s not like that, you have to do a quiet time and set up your equipment to record and detect things. Being quiet is important. I am embarrassed to say at first I was either talking, singing or humming to myself more than one time. Sorry ladies I got your hopes up needlessly more ten once, I didn’t realize I talked to myself… lol… was my face red!

Let’s start with a little history of the Randolph Infirmary before we go inside. Before 1850 the property was a farm, it became an asylum in 1852 – 1853. In 1860 it became a county asylum run by the original farmer of the property, Mr. Tim Fitzgerald, he was given $400 a year per person in the asylum. His wife was paid $100 a year to clean, cook and care for the patient’s needs. The farm was self-sufficient, those who could work did.There are said to be unmarked graves behind the orchard next to a firing range. Also, many of the patient’s remains weren’t collected by the families after they died or they had no families to bury them properly. There was a fire between 1896-1897 that burned down the original farmhouse, over the next couple years the infirmary was built and is believed to be built right over top of the old one. Yikes!

The Randolph Infirmary is located in Winchester Indiana. It was constructed in Romanesque architecture in 1899 as an “Infirmary” (new word for poorhouse), it was one of many constructed in the State. It was used to house those with mental illness and the physically disabled. It also fostered children, unwed mothers, the elderly, as well as the poor, those not able to care for themselves. It finally closed its doors in 2008. Over the years there have been many reports of sightings and sounds in the Asylum. There was an actual Paranormal Lockdown episode filmed here. I saw it on television about a year ago. I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be walking through the front door to spend the night…

You can read more about the history of The Randolph Infirmary here.

Randolph asylum ghost hunt is on!

Let go inside…


The main entrance of the house has a large foyer with a couple large rooms on the right and on the left. The one on the left is used as a break room for ghost hunts, it’s a go thru room to get to the kitchen. If you go straight back down one of the two hallways off the foyer you are entering the patient wards. Men on one side, women on the other. The house had a regular old house musty smell. The woodwork is so beautiful, even after all these years. To the right, there are two large rooms that are sparsely furnished and I’m not sure what they are used for now.


This is the second floor directly above the foyer. There are 5 large bedrooms off this hallway. The whole main part of the building is amazingly beautiful. The solid structure, high ceilings, and all that beautiful natural woodwork.


When you enter one of the patient hallways you can go down some steps and go into the basement.


Continue through the pink doorway down the hall to the women’s rooms on this floor.


The hallways are dark, damp and pretty creepy. Lots of peeling paint. We are doing a little exploring to get to know the layout before it gets super dark. This place is out in the country so it gets pretty dark. There is good lighting in the front of the building so it’s lit up nicely.


This is in the basement. It’s cooler and even damper down here. The heavy door you see is the solitary confinement room.


There are bars on the window. It must have been horrible staying down here alone… so many years ago.


Now we are all the way upstairs in the attic or the third level. We heard what sounded like a little girl talking while we were sitting up there in the dark during one of our quiet ghosting hunting times.


Through that doorway is the other part of the attic.


Setting up the equipment in the break room on the first floor. That was one of the few rooms with lights.



When the ghosthunter ladies decided to take a break I went off on my own to prowl around the asylum in the dark… alone.


One of the patient rooms has a complete built-in jail cell, toilet and all. It was sad to think who must have spent so many torturous nights in that cell. There is a story that in the early 1900’s an inspector came to the asylum and found and old mentally ill woman locked in the jail cell. There was water running down the inside walls. The asylum was given some much-needed repairs after that. I kept prowling around. I have to admit I wasn’t scared at all. The place felt good that night, not creepy to me at all. I felt excited to be able to explore this old place more than anything else.



I loved going outside and walking around the building. No one else wanted to go out they were a little spooked. I was only hoping to see or have a nice little chat with a wandering spirit or two. If they were out there, I didn’t see em.


We made it the through the night and left very early in the morning. I felt a little sad leaving I’m not sure why. We did have a few things happen that are questionable. We heard a child’s voice in the attic. I saw flashes several times, they looked like small lightning flashes on the wall while we were doing a quiet time. We also had some equipment act wacky a couple times. I want to go back again…

Before I went on this ghost hunt I never realized that these types of adventures are so easily available. Check out the  Ghost Hunts USA website and see for yourself. If you are in the Indiana area you ought to give ghost hunting a try. You never know what or who you might see. 🙂 Have you ever been on a ghost hunt?

Randolph asylum ghost hunt

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