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Homemade Pizza with Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

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Ever since my kids were little we’ve made homemade pizzas. Now I want to teach the grand kids how to make them. Except now I am using freshly ground hard white wheat flour that I mill myself. I found a recipe some time ago on one of my favorite blogs Heavenly Homemaker. She shared a recipe for whole wheat pizza crust. This recipe doesn’t use yeast. I of course did a small change from the original 😉 Used milk instead of yogurt.

You’ll Need:

3 – 3 – 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 cup butter melted

1 cup 1% milk

Melt the butter. Let cool down a bit.

In a large bowl add the whole wheat flour and salt.

Spray the pan you are going to use with oil or butter. I used a glass lasagna pan because I like the way the crust cooks in a glass pan. Skip this step if using a pizza stone.

Add the melted butter and the milk to flour and salt.

Mix well. My wonderful little helpers do all the hard work 🙂 Katie is teaching Tyler some mixing skills. She is a wonderful teacher to her little brother. 

I divided the dough in half for a thinner crust. You can use the more if you want a thicker crust. Make sure you adjust your baking time accordingly.

Spread evenly into the pan with your hands. The dough wasn’t sticky. Katie loved this part. She’s a hands on cook.

Add pizza sauce. I used my homemade pizza sauce. Add any toppings your family likes.

We chose green peppers, cheese, and fresh tomatoes.

Bake for about 20 – 25 minutes in a pre-heated 400 degree F. It will depend on how thick you make the crust. Next time I am going to try pre-baking the crust, then top and bake again. That will make it a little crisper which I like. I’ll update this post when I do. 

 I had half the dough left over so I made 4 mini pizza to freeze for next time.

 It was very good. Katie and Tyler really liked it. It was like a pastry crust, had a nice butter flavor.

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