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Milling Your Own Grains

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I love bread, especially white bread. I know it isn’t the greatest thing to eat, but it is so darn good. As I’ve gotten older things kind of stick with you more then they used to ( if know what I mean ). So as part of my healthier eating journey I decided to do some research on whole grains. I wrote a post about whole grains vs white flour a while back. I also did some research on different types of mills. Laura from Heavenly Homemaker has been milling her own grain for years and recommended the Nutri Mill. I started saving my pennies, dimes and nickles. After about a year I managed to save enough for the mill. I was so excited the day it came in the mail.

Now I had to find wheat berries. I looked for a place locally, but at the time the closest I could find was 1 to 1 1/2 hours away. I checked prices to buy it online and found a good deal at Farmer Direct Foods. I bought 45 lbs of hard white wheat berries in a 6 gallon bucket with a gamma lid.  That is a type of lid that screws on and off and is air tight. It’s heavy duty construction allows it to be reusable.


The smell of freshly milled flour is wonderful. My grand daughter Katie gets excited when we mill the wheat berries. She thinks it’s quite amazing how it goes from berries to a fluffy powder that we make into muffins. Actually I am pretty amazed myself.

Here is a step by step guide for using the Nutri Mill to mill wheat berries:

Set up the Mill

put the amount of wheat berries you want to mill into hopper

put lid securely on top of flour bowl

slide bowl into place

start mill, adjust your feed rate. This will adjust to how fine you want your flour to be.

put on the lid, it’s a bit noisy. Katie loves this part best 🙂 Let it run a few seconds after last wheat berries are milled for the Nutrimill to clean itself.

Tap the sides of the bowl to settle flour, empty the white catch container into bowl

Freshly milled wheat flour will go rancid and spoil if left at room tempature for to long. I either use it right away or freeze it for later use. I make extra to keep in a bag in the freezer.

You can mill many different types of grains. I have only used hard white wheat berries so far. You can’t mill oily grains or seeds in the Nutrimill, it will clog it. It is really a simple process and clean up is a breeze. The more I use my mill the more I love it 🙂

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