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Easy Spider and Ghost Cookies for Toddlers to Make

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Katie is spending the weekend with me.When she does I like to find some stuff for us to do. My sister in law Marti  brought over the makings for spider and ghost cookies. It was super easy and didn’t involve cooking. Great grandma is here to so Katie really enjoyed sharing them with her. Katie asked me if the spiders would come to life after we made them because if so she was not going to participate. She is a little phobic about Halloween this year. Her little mind is always thinking 🙂 She had fun scaring great grandma with her spider cookies.

You’ll need:

Oval shaped sandwich cookies for the ghosts

Round chocolate covered marshmallow cookies for spiders

Pretzel sticks for legs

Mini chocolate chips for eyes

White frosting or melted white chocolate.

For the spider take a chocolate marshmallow cookie and stick legs into the sides. Katie loved snacking on the little pretzel legs.



For the ghosts, frost cookies or dip into melt white chocolate and place mini chocolate chips for the eyes.


Ta da! That’s it, you’re finished. Kate had a blast doing this all by herself 🙂

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