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10 Tips for Camping with Kids

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katie and tyler camping

I spent this past weekend camping with my grand kids. It was their first trip. It was an adventure for sure. I have always been a camper and I love it. We decided to take the kids tent camping because we figured the youngest is 3 and ready for the adventure. It can be tiring to camp. Lots of work involved. So i have put together a small list that can help you get ready for your camping trip with the kids.

10 Tips for Camping with Kids

  1. Practice camping at home, pitch the tent in the backyard.

  2. Get the kids involved in the planning.

  3. Have each child pack their own bag. Teach them to be organized and to return things to their bag. Semi organized at least. 🙂 Camping 1

  4. Make sure you bring a favorite toy, even a bike. We saw many kids on bikes in the evening. It was fun watching them.

  5. Once you get to the camp site keep the kids involved in the camp chores. These are fun chores like collecting sticks, hammering in the stakes on the tent.Camping 6

  6. After the tent is up get organized. I like to stay organized. Knowing where to find things makes it so much easier to enjoy your camping trip. After it gets dark you won’t be fumbling around looking for things either.

  7. Get the kids involved in the cooking. Roasting hot dogs over the campfire, making smores or banana boats.Camping 9

  8. Teach kids safety, like staying close to the camp site and fire safety.

  9.  Plan hikes and or scavenger hunts. Make the most of nature, look for bugs and animals.Camping 3 Camping 5Camping 4

  10. Most of all be relaxed and have fun with the kids.

Camping 10    Camping 2

Happy Camping!

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