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Backyard Gardening 6/5 ~ Herbs

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The weather has been very nice this spring. Not to hot and plenty of rain. I have been outside working in the garden or just sitting outside enjoying it. I have actually been blogging less these past couple of months. There have been many personal challenges in my life and in my family, plus I just want to spend more time in the outdoors 🙂

I had hoped to update by garden progress weekly, now I hope to do it bi-weekly. Things are growing fast.

The lettuce and spinach are doing great. We have had a couple salads already.

I started some herbs in pots. Look how good the basil is doing. I started them in the pots and have been transplanting them into the ground as they get big enough. I love making pesto so I want lots of fresh basil. I’m not fancy or to careful when planting my seeds. They grew close together but basil is easy to separate the little plants for transplanting. I also planted basil by the tomatoes because it acts as a pest repellent.


My sage is a little slow. I have a couple doing great. Aren’t they cute? I also have a larger sage. Sage grows in full sun. I use sage for recipes and also for burning.


My parsley and cilantro are also doing great. Cilantro is a must for my fresh vegetable summer salsa. I love to add parsley to salads.


I have a small portion of my yard set up with pots and kid size shovels. The kids love pretending that they are gardening. They love to plant and replant plants and weeds alike. When it’s warm enough we add water and the fun really begins, Yesterday Katie make a salad soup. lol. That’s my girl 🙂


We also had a small fire in the morning. I love having a fire. Makes the air smell so good. I get rid of any extra garden brush this way.

Well that wraps it up this addition of backyard gardening. Thanks for joining me and happy gardening 🙂


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