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3 Simple Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day!

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I have to say it’s one of my favorite days! Celebrating our beautiful earth. We take so much for granted until it’s almost gone or ruined. I am teaching my grandchildren a different way, to live a more sustainable life with respect and love for our earth and all she gives us.

I am celebrating at Garden Station’s Earth Fest. I am teaching a children’s class on how to make seedling pots with newspaper. Then they will plant a seed in their pots to take home for their own little gardens. I am so excited! It’s an amazing day filled with more than I can list here. If you’re local come and see for yourself if you’re not you can check out all about it here. I taught a class last year and it was so much fun.

Garden Station 2016

  1. Plant a small garden or a tree. Planting, tending and enjoying the vegetables of your labors can be very rewarding. There is no better feeling than eating a tomato that you grew yourself. Even if you don’t have a spot for a garden you can plant a pot or two of your favorite herb or vegetable. Most have container varieties that you can purchase that are smaller plants and perfect for your patio pot. I always plant a few things in containers, especially some herbs, lettuce, and spinach.
  2. Step up your recycling habits. Most cities have recycling programs in place with a separate weekly pick up for them. Something I try to do is buy products with less packaging. I buy beans, rice, quinoa, stuff like that in bulk and store in large glass containers. Except for my wheatberries I store them in a food safe five-gallon buckets with gamma lids. These buckets are air tight.
  3. Use less plastic! I have slowly been ridding my house of plastic kitchen items like bowls, plates, and cups. When I see plastic I see something that will literally last forever. I hate that! It seems the older I get the less I want to own. When I need I use that word loosely… (if we bought only what we need, what would the world be like?) I go to local thrift shops and garage sales. That’s how I am replacing the plastic in my home and my daughter’s home. I am slowly buying dishes and glasses. It’s very economical too.

Can I ask a favor? Garden Station is in danger of being closed down in October 2016. It’s a one of a kind urban garden. You have to see it, to believe it. It’s right in downtown Dayton, Ohio and free. The favor is, would you please sign this petition to keep Garden Station where it’s currently located? Would you like to know more about Garden Station? Facebook

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