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Garden Station & Sunday Farmer’s Market

We have a really unique farmer’s market where I live. It’s only open a short time on Sunday. It’s not only a market, but it’s a unique community green space, in the middle of the city I grew up in. They have gardening, a fountain, fire circle, stage, kitchen, art, and many ongoing projects and programs. On Sunday they have a farmer’s market for locals to sell their goods. They also sell some of the produce the grow on the green space. It’s all volunteer. Garden Station’s only goal is to give people in the city a nice place to hang out and be safe to express yourself with friends and family. I took the grand kids to explore and they absolutely loved it 🙂

The Garden Station was established in 2008. The property was owned by the railroad until the city bought the property. It stood vacant for over 50 years and was used as a homeless camp and a dumping ground. A local artist came to an agreement with the city to turn it into an art park and community garden. To read more more about the Garden Station go here. In recent months there has been talk of the city selling the property for development. I pray that does not happen. Garden Station truly has a place in the heart of downtown. It speaks volumes to the type of city, community we want to build.  

The sign out front welcomes you.

Farmer’s market getting ready to open for business.


Some local art.

Pop Bottle Greenhouse! I would do this in my yard but, my husband would think I’d lost my mind.

The kids thought this was crazy 🙂

Glass bottles were used to make the storage shed. It’s built on a pounded tire foundation. How cool is that?  I love that everything used is recycled items. My dream home is made completely out of recycles products. Hey, a girl can dream 🙂

One of many murals. The kids loved that they were painted outside on the walls. Katie loves to paint anywhere but on paper…including herself.

Refreshing fountain.

Lots of fish swimming in the cool water.

The kids arranging some seats around the fire circle. We’d love to come down some night when they have a drum circle.

The kitchen/bar is a work in progress.

Tyler checking out the vegetables.

Katie checking out the yellow melon.

The Garden Station’s Market is open on Sunday 11 – 2 during harvest season. Please support your local farmers and merchants buy buying local. You can learn more about the Garden Station by visiting their Facebook page or if you live in the area they are located at 509 East 4th St, Dayton, Ohio 45402.

I share at these parties.

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2 thoughts on “Garden Station & Sunday Farmer’s Market”

  1. Lydia @ Not Afraid of the Snow says:

    This looks like a great farmer’s market to go to! I love that you can stay and hang out for a while 🙂

  2. Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook says:

    Wow! That looks like a really nice place. I love the recycled-material buildings.

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