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Spent a nice day with the grand babies. I took them to the farmers market early this morning. There is a field next to them where they plant sunflowers and they are in bloom now. It’s beautiful. They plant two crops about 2 weeks apart.

All the little sunflower heads were facing down. It was a cloudy morning. When the sun is shining they point their little flower faces up to the sunshine. Sunflowers actually track the sun’s position. It’s called heliotropism. Right now they are facing east. It’s early so they are waiting for the sun to rise. By the end of the day they will be facing west (if the sun comes out) and through the night they will reset to be facing east again by morning. They will do this until they bloom then they freeze into a eastward facing position. See why I love sunflowers? Did you also know that the sunflower looks like one giant flower but it is really is composed of hundreds of tiny flowers called florets. The brown center is a mass of flowers growing separately, and from each flower a sunflower seed will originate. Pretty cool don’t you think?
It was kind of muddy. Katie didn’t care. She actually likes to be muddy.
We found some puddles so we pretended we were Pepa Pig and splashed through them, that kind of cleaned her shoes off. Sorry Jen… kids want  need to get dirty sometimes. (I made her take a bath after she painted her body later in the day, lol).

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