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I love sugar! No denying it. I have tried to live without it. But really…who wants to live without the sweet deliciousness of sugar? So I went on a quest to find something better than white processed sugar.

Sucanat which stands for Sugar Cane Natural. It is essentially dried sugar cane. The sugar cane is “green cut.” This means the fields are not burned and the leaves and tops of the cane plant are left in the field. The sugar is minimally processed and once the sugar cane is harvested it is pressed to squeeze out all the cane juice.

This juice is then clarified, filtered and evaporated. This removes excess water. The syrup is then crystallized and a sugar with a molasses flavor is produced. There are also vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the sugar cane plant.

I use this instead of sugar in my recipes. It is a one for one replacement for sugar.

Sucanat contains iron,calcium,vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium. The vitamins are normally stripped away during the refining of the sugar cane. It tastes great! Makes me feel a little better when I indulge my sweet tooth.

You can purchase sucanat at your local health food store or if you are like me and love to do my shopping on the internet you get it for a good price on Amazon. Let me know how you like the sucanat! Happy Baking!

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