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Storing Tomatoes – Kitchen Tips

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Storing Tomatoes – Kitchen Tips

Something that drives me crazy is when I see people storing tomatoes in the refrigerator. Have you ever eaten a tomato that has been stored this way? Yuck! Tomatoes get mushy and mealy when kept at a cooler temperature like your frig. They also lose any flavor they had.

If you buy the tomatoes at the grocery store you need to take them out of any packaging they came in. Gently wash. Line a bowl with a paper towel and place the tomatoes stem up. Leave them out at room temperature away from any heat source (stove, microwave or sunlight). You should move them daily to prevent any pressure bruising. You can keep your tomatoes fresh this way up to a week.

If you are lucky enough to have locally grown tomatoes or even better from your own garden, you should handle yours the same way. With the exception of the green ones. You can ripen them on a window sill in the sun.

If you have been storing yours in the refrigerator you will be amazed at the flavor difference. So please do yourself a favor and don’t store your tomatoes in the refrigerator 🙂

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