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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Review & Exclusive $40 gift card

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Simply Earth was created to make having a natural home fun and easy with honest and affordable prices.

I don’t know about you but I get confused when I try to understand all the different essential oils and how to use them. Plus they cost a fortune. 

Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box Review.

This year I am incorporating essential oils into my daily life. I’ve used essential oils sporadically over the years, but it became overwhelming with lots and lots of information. That made me more confused than ever using them.

When I first saw Simply Earth being promoted by a fellow blogger. She’s a person I have confidence in so I decided to check out their website.

Here’s how the company works..

Every month Simply Earth will automatically send you a new recipe box. Every box is designed around a new theme and includes all the essential oils you need to make 6 natural recipes.

The first thing that I liked about Simply Earth is the fact that they teach you how to use the essential oils. The recipe themes reflect the month’s needs.

For instance, I received the January box and it included

  • 4 full-size, Therapeutic Grade, pure essential oils
  • • Supplies and recipes to create 6 natural home, body, and wellness products
  • • All-natural and non-toxic items

A monthly Simply Earth box, with no long-term commitment, is only $39 a month. If you bought everything included in a box from the big essential oil companies, it would cost over $150.

They keep prices low by selling directly to you and not taking crazy margins. They keep quality pure by testing every oil for purity and visiting the farms their oils come from.

Best of all is if you don’t want a box every single month you can opt for the every 3-month recipe box option. You can also choose the one monthly box than decide not to get any more. No hassles, easy peasy! You can, of course, buy any essential oil that you choose separately or add on to your monthly box. The oil prices are more than reasonable, prices as low as $6.99.

*Those who use my Exclusive code MAMALDIANEFREE will receive a free $40 gift card with their first box with a bonus BIG box added Free! Exclusively offered by Simply Earth and

Check out Simply Earth and see for yourself what great products they offer.

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