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Simple Ways to Help You Get Control of Your Financial Future

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Growing up my mom and dad taught us kids to be thrifty, frugal and save! I taught my kids the same thing. Now that I have hit the big fifty-five I am thinking more about the day when I won’t want to work anymore. I want to be in control of my financial future.

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It’s a different world in so many ways compared to when mom and dad were planning for their retirement. Those were the days you worked one maybe two jobs your whole life. You retired from most places with a nice pension. Now many places don’t offer retirement or even health insurance. Or like my husband and I, you are self-employed. The average person is unsure what to do when it comes to planning for retirement. My biggest question is am I on the right track for a comfortable retirement? I know I am thrifty and a saver not a spender, but have we done enough? I want the freedom that comes with knowing we are doing all we can. Sometimes out of sight out of mind isn’t a good way to handle your finances.

I was thrilled when presented with this opportunity to become part of SUM180, a real financial planning community, the coolest part is that it’s designed by women and made for women. I was ready to get started and jumped in with both feet! I started working on my plan over a month ago and I’m excited to share my experience with you.

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SUM180 is a financial planning service, it’s simple, flexible and best of all progressive. It’s not a one-time plan, it’s a plan that you change as your circumstances or goals change.


First, you build your plan, this is done online at your own pace any time of the day. It took me about an hour total to complete the interview. They offer a list to use so you can gather your financial information before you get started. If there are any questions about your submitted interview or if they need more information they send an email for you to follow up on. Once you receive your completed plan there will be the 3 most important steps for you to take now. It’s up to you of course whether you do them or not. I found mine were easy to implement.


They also have a wonderful support system built into the website. You can share you questions and concerns, you can also share your successes and what works for you with other members. I have enjoyed going through some of the past blog posts especially the one on Closet purge ~ Where to sell your stuff online. I’ve already started posting and selling some unwanted items on Facebook.

Okay now that I’ve explained how it works let me tell you how much it costs. For a one year subscription, it is $129. Right now they are offering 50% off your first year! If you are still not sure and want to do take a little test drive and look around, sign up here for free. Now is the time to take that first step and gain control of your financial future.

Now is the time to take that first step and gain control of your financial future. I gained peace of mind and that’s priceless.

This post has been sponsored by SUM180. I was provided with product at no charge to sample in exchange for my review. The options expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with SUM180 and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

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