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Simple Tip to Help You Live Stress-Free #PoiseLinerLove

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I feel like I am always busy and on the go, especially as the holiday’s approach. I like being as stress-free as possible or like the blog title reads “Keeping Life Simple”. I thought I would share one of the simple things I do to make that happen.


This is a little personal but hey it needs to be talked about. I’ve talked about it before… it’s bladder leakage, particularly light bladder leakage, or LBL. I’ve been a sufferer for some time, but I don’t let it slow me down. My mom used Poise® pads and talked to me about LBL many years ago. It was funny to me at the time because she would lean over to get closer and whisper when she said, ” I leak a little, not too much, so I need more than a pad.” Now that’s its happening to me, well… it’s not quite as funny. Sorry, mom.

When I first started having LBL I would just use panty liners, they worked… for awhile. I will never forget the time we were going out to have a nice dinner with several other couples, everyone wanted to dress up that night. I had on a cute little outfit. We were about half way through the evening and uh-oh all of a sudden, we had to cut the evening short, and head home early. It’s embarrassing to say but my panty liner failed me. After that short evening, I decided to switch to Poise® Microliners. It’s amazing to me how something so thin can absorb so much without any leakage.

If you use feminine care products right now your LBL and you’re confused on which Poise® pad is right for you, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions on their easy to navigate web-site, they will recommend the product that is a fit for your needs. That’s what I did, it was simple, they recommended the Microliners for me and so far so good. The Poise® Microliners are the thinnest liner they make. I like how they keep me feeling dry always with something called absorb-loc® core, I don’t know what that is… all I know is it works. The best part is they are thin and flexible with a thin-flex® technology so they move with my body. Even in my snuggest jeans or pants, I don’t feel self-conscious. They also stay in place so when I’m climbing and crawling around with my grandchildren I can now be worry free! I easily found them at Walmart in the Incontinence section. The price is very reasonable for a 2 month supply. Don’t you love shopping at Walmart? You can get almost everything all in one stop, it saves me so much time and money!


I am more active than ever now that my grandkids are getting older. The things we do together are getting to be even more adventurous. Let me tell you, it’s keeping me young. My husband and I have had many wonderful adventures this year with our grandchildren, we are very fortunate to be able to do so any special things together. They sure do keep us busy.


You can find out more information about The Poise® Microliners or any of the other The Poise® Products at this link here. Have you had any experiences having light bladder leakage (LBL)?


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