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Home Sweet Home

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As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like home”

 I am back from our  Tennessee vacation with my daughter and her family. They had record setting temperatures here while we were gone. Glad to have missed that. It was hot where we were, but we spent all our time on or in the water. The kids had a blast. They absolutely loved being in the lake. I thought Katie would be freaking out with the fish nibbling at her toes. She actually wanted to catch them with her hands and thought they tickled. lol!
My daughter Jen and I taking Katie for a boat ride.

I would wake up every morning before sunrise and go down to the dock and sit and peacefully watch the lake come to life. I had company most mornings of another early bird. Standing under a willow tree. Handsome isn’t he?

I had all good intentions of having a summer salad recipe to share for you today. I picked and cut all my vegetables, had them mixed up in the frig waiting for my homemade dressing to chill, then my husband accidentally dropped the whole bowl all over the kitchen floor. It was so sad. All I could do was laugh. He felt so bad knowing I had worked so hard and was excited about my first summer vegetables. Oh well there will be plenty more.

I am off work for one more week. The doctor was married on the 30th of June and is on his honeymoon.

The wedding was very nice. My husband was a groomsman. The whole week leading up to it was so crazy. Getting ready for vacation at home and at work. On Friday we had a huge storm blow through and knock out power. I had to pack and get ready fro the wedding without power. It was quite a challenge. I went to a friend’s before the wedding to do my hair. At least the power came back on right before we left on Sunday.

On Thursday while we were eating dinner a storm blew through and knocked out the power and downed a tree in the yard at the house we were staying at. It was unexpected and blew all the floats and stuff into the lake.  I ran and jumped in and rescued the kids life vests. Katie’s prized floatie was gone way down the lake. Nothing we could do. The next day a man came by and said he went with his boat and tried to get our stuff. He was able to get Katie’s float. It absolutely made her day! People are so kind.

Luckily the power was only off one night. Gee what could happen next? Well let me tell you… when we went to leave the car would not start. Luckily we have a clutch and was able to pop the clutch to start it. Turns out I needed a new battery. We were going to stop on the way back and visit with a dear old friend of mine but was afraid with the car acting up and it being 102 outside. We also had our 2 doggies with us. Didn’t want to get caught in the hot weather with them. Emma and Lily enjoyed vacation, and I’m still smiling.
Even though we had so many mishaps and challenges it was great to get away and be with family.

I also want to say a million thanks to my sister in law Marti who stayed in our home with my mom while we were gone. You can’t realize how hard it is to be with my mom until you spend at least a 48 hour period of time with her. I’m not sure if Marti would do it again. She was VERY happy we were home. Thanks again sweet lady, you have no idea what you did for me. I will always be grateful.

Have a wonderful week everyone. I am truely blessed to be a part of your day. Thanks for dropping by. I will be posting my recipe SOON!

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