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3 Extraordinary Facts about Chia Seeds Plus Smoothie Recipe & Why I’m Putting them in Everything!

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A few months ago I first posted about the benefits of Chia Seeds, ever since then, I have been putting them in everything I eat and drink. Chia Seeds in my Smoothie recipe ~ 3 Extraordinary Facts & Why I’m Putting them in Everything!

Salvia hispanica is the technical name for the chia seed, they are a species of flowering plant in the mint family. We all know the popular holiday commercial for Chia Pets… Ch ch ch chia… the memorable song that gets stuck in my head. Today I am going to wow you with some incredible information about these tiny little seeds.

  1. Chia seeds are an ancient superfood of the Aztecs and Mayans, they have been around a long time. They were known as the warrior’s food, it’s said before a warrior went into battle they consumed chia seeds for energy. Wow!

2. They are a whole grain, non-GMO, usually grown organically and free of gluten naturally. It is the most nutritious food on the planet, 15x more Magnesium than Broccoli  6x more Calcium than Milk. Twice the Potassium in a Banana. They have the highest level of antioxidants ever measured, 30% greater than blueberries! They also contain rare Antioxidants. Chia seeds have the highest level of Omega 3 than any other food. Wow!

3. Chia seeds may promote healthy weight loss. Maybe it’s the combination of fiber, protein and the way the become gel-like when they absorb the liquid. Add liquid to chia seeds and they will absorb 27 times their weight. Wow!

Now on to the smoothie recipe.


You’ll need:
1 large banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 strawberries
2 tablespoons chia seeds
4 – 6 ounces yogurt or almond milk

Place all the ingredients into the blender. I’m using my Ninja single serve cup, which I love how easy it is to make a smoothie for one!


Chia Seeds Smoothie Recipe


Now that you know how easy it is to consume this super food, what recipe are you going to include chia seeds in?

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