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3 Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind with Active Play

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Do your dogs get bored like mine do? Okay, let’s talk about 3 Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind with Active Play.

While shopping at Meijers with my granddaughter Katie, we stopped at the dog toy aisle to check out the dog toys. We saw a display of Milk-Bone® Active™ Toys. I checked my Meijer’s mperks and there’s a coupon for $2 off the Small toys and $3 off the Medium toys, it’s valid until 3/17/18! That’s a great deal!

I’m always on the lookout for new toys for my doggie girls, Emma and Daisy. They’re like little kids, after a while they get bored with their toys. The Milk-Bone Active Toys look like they have just the right thing to hold my girls’ interest… and that’s they include treats! (aka Milk-Bone biscuits) You might know them by the name Milk-Bone dog biscuits. Haha, at my house you never say treat out loud unless you mean it, my girls are very serious about their treats.

This is Daisy and Emma. Honestly, getting them in a photo without it being a moving blur is a challenge. As soon as I move to take the picture they move. Not this time, thanks, girls!

I had to be sneaky about getting the treats into the toys, my girls hear everything, they follow me all over the place. I waited until they both were napping, which is pretty often, haha. I put the treats into the toys. I gave Daisy the Small Dispensing Ball (recommended for dogs up to 24 lbs and uses the Small Biscuits), she loves new toys especially bouncy, rolling balls.

It didn’t take her long to realize there was something delicious in her new red ball.

Look how Daisy has her tongue sticking out in anticipation of getting the treat out of the ball. She kept after it until she figured out how to get it out of the ball.

Next, I gave the Emma the Small Treat Tumbler (recommended for dogs up to 24 lbs and filled with Minis biscuits.)

It didn’t take Emma much time to start rolling and chewing on the Tumbler. She was quite delighted when she rolled it a certain way and a mini Milk-Bone dog biscuit dropped out. The more she rolled it around the more she was after it. It was fun to watch her play!

Emma decided to keep this one for herself. “No sharing while there still treats inside!”

Daisy says “Please?”

There are 2 different styles and 2 different sizes of Milk-Bone Active Toys, each match a different Milk-Bone biscuit. They are made of high-quality, durable, non-toxic material. Very reasonably priced.

3 Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind with Active Play

1. Teach your dog the name of their toys. We keep a basket on the floor for the dog toys. We ask the dogs to go get a specific toy. It takes a little patience but my girls catch on pretty quick when they want to.

2. Let them work for their treats. It was fun to watch the girls work to get their treats out of the toys.

3. Play with your dog. Sounds pretty simple and it is. Play fetch with your dog, tug of war, toss the small red Dispensing Ball, it bounces, my girls love it! They say it’s good for their emotional and behavioral health to play with us. I bet it’s good for us too.

There are 4 different Milk-Bone Active Toys, 2 different styles, 2 different sizes. Small and Medium Dispencing Balls and Small and Medium Treat Tumblers. All fit a different size of Milk-Bone biscuits. Each toy comes with a small package of biscuits to get started.

Remember to use the mperks digital coupon and save either $2 or $3

Tell me how do you keep your dog(s) from getting bored?

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