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3 Things I Learned From Melissa & Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

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“I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”
2015 Boston Marathon ® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai

Jimmy Fund Walk Image 2Photo credit to John Deputy

Cancer has impacted my family more times than I’d like to say. It’s not an easy task to find any family that has not been impacted by cancer. It’s either a friend or family member. In my family, my sister Linda and brother Jim both are cancer survivors.


My brother Jim beat Hodgkin’s disease 40 years ago. He is now battling Multiple Myeloma. Is there no end to this horrible disease?

Cancer claimed the life of my niece Melissa at age 27 in 2007. I have seen the effects cancer has on families. During Melissa’s last 6 months of life, she taught me so many things. She faced her diagnosis with such grace and strength. She was a fighter till the end.

3 Things I Learned From MelissaJimmy Fund Walk 2

1. Live in the moment. We often get lost in our daily lives to stop and enjoy that single moment of time. Stop and take a deep breath. Melissa made a video before she passed away. It’s something that Hospice sets up. They asked Melissa certain questions and she answered them on this video for the family to have after she was gone. An answer to one question sticks in my mind. They asked her one thing she regretted. Her regret was not taking the time live in the moment when her significant other would come home from work. He would want to hug and cuddle etc… She would be busy and not give the attention he deserved. To most it would seem like such a small thing but for Melissa, it was a major regret.
2. Make a difference in someone’s life. Take the time to do something for someone other than yourself. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. The smallest of gestures can make huge differences in someone’s life. My sister-in-law Marti is a perfect example of this. I’ll tell you more about this amazing woman in a later post.
3. Be kind. It’s not always easy in the rushed world we live in. I try to respond to someone being unkind to me with kindness. You never know what struggle the person may be going through. 🙂

When I feel helpless like I do with cancer I ask myself “what can I do to help?” That’s why I am participating in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk on September 27. Even though I live in Ohio I can still participate as a Virtual Walker. They make participating so easy. You have your own website where your friends and family can easily donate.
The Jimmy Fund solely supports the fight against cancer at Dana-Farber. The money raised goes for vital research and patient care at Dana-Farber. Here are some of the other ways the money is spent.

$25 = New toys for pediatric patients
$50 = Bereavement visits
$100 = Cancer screenings (skin, breast, prostate)
$150 = Patient support groups s
$250 = Helps fund clinical trials
$500 = Genetic screening for one patient

Last year, more than 8,500 walkers participated in the course. Thay raised more than $8 million! Making it the highest fundraising single-day walk in the nation. Since 1989, they have raised over $100 million.
Jimmy Fund Walk Image 6
In Boston choose from four routes:
Hopkinton 26.2-mile
Wellesley 13.1-mile
Boston College 5-mile
Dana-Farber 3-mile

All routes finish at the Copley Square finish area in Boston where walkers will enjoy live music and food. I am planning on a local walk with some family and friends. Afterwards, we will have drinks and a light snack. Check out my cool swag they sent me for my participation.
Jimmy Fund Walk 1
I would love to have you join me and support my virtual walk or start your own walk. It’s easy to do. Do you live in Boston? Sign up here.

Want to be a Virtual Walker? Sign up here. Join me on September 27 on my walk.

Use code BLOG for a $5 discount on the $25 sign up fee.

For more information follow Jimmy Fund Walk on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

How has cancer impacted your Life?

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