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13 of the Best Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Traditionally at Easter, we decorate hard-boiled eggs. We use dyes, crayons, even shaving cream to make them colorful and beautiful.

13 of the Best Ways to Decorate Easter Egg

When I was a child we used the Paas Easter egg coloring tables, you add vinegar, cold water and you watch the tablets bubbling as they dissolve into a beautiful color.

We also used Float on Colors, they came in little glass bottles with a bunny head plastic stopper. I remember the strong smell of that coloring. Mom used a special heavy glass bowl to make these Swirling colored eggs. We had to be careful not to get any of the oily colorings on anything but the eggs. It stained instantly and was sticky until it dried. Great memories.

(photo credit Mike Goodsell on Flickr)

When my kids were little we used the many different Paas Easter egg kits. They had many more color choices, pastel colors, and fruity-smelling colors.

Now I color Easter eggs with my grandkids. One year we used Kool-Aid to color the eggs. The flavor packs made very nice deep colors.

I have put together this list of 13 very creative ideas to decorate Easter eggs.

13 of the Best Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

•. Using Kool-Aid to Color Easter Eggs

Repurpose Old Ties for Unique Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

•. How To Dye Easter Eggs With Rice

•. Galaxy Easter Eggs 

•. How To Make Absolutely Adorable Character Easter Eggs

•. Marble Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

•. How To Make Beautiful Mosaic Eggs For Easter

•. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

•. Instant Pot Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

•. Homemade Egg Dye

•. 6 Easy Natural Easter Egg Dyes for the Most Vibrant Colors

•. Galaxy Easter Eggs

•. Natural Herb Stenciled Easter Eggs

Did you find A new way or idea to make your Easter eggs extra special this year?
Any of your own ideas you’d like to share?

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