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10 Hilarious St. Patrick’s Day Jokes For My Grandkids!

Telling jokes is one of the many simple pleasures I enjoy with my grandkids. Get ready to laugh! 10 Hilarious St. Patrick’s Day Jokes For My Grandkids!

1. When is an Irish potato not an Irish Potato?

When it’s a french fry. ☺

2. What did one Leprechaun ghost say to another Leprechaun ghost?

Top of the moaning to you. 👻

3. What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?

A rash of good-luck. 😬

4. Why can’t you borrow money from a Leprechaun?

Because they’re always a little short. 😆

5. Why do frogs like St. Patrick’s Day?

Because they’re always wearing green. 😅

6. What’s a leprechaun’s favorite kind of music?

Sham-rock and roll. 😂

7. Why are leprechaun’s so concerned about global warming?

They’re really into green living. 🤣

8. What’s a leprechaun’s favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms. 😂

9. What position do leprechauns play on a baseball team?

Shortstop. 😆

10. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Don who?
Don be puttin’ down the Leprechauns. ☕

Did you smile? Did you laugh, at least a little bit? They say laughter is benificial to your mind, your body, and your soul.

I hope your St Patrick Day is filled with laughter, good food, and fun!

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