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Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Today I want to share a super easy appetizer  you can make for your next party or gathering. Maybe this Sunday you are having or going to a Super Bowl party? This dip is so easy and tastes really good. It takes less than 30

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Lasagna Casserole

This recipe is called lasagna casserole because it tastes like lasagna but without the lasagna noodles. I guess I should really call it something else since I am using rotini noodles. If I call it rotini casserole you really wouldn’t know what it was. So

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Recipe for “Stuff”

Many years ago when my kids were younger ( 25 years ago??? Yikes!) I used to make this ground beef dish. It never seemed to have a name. I think my sister found it in an old microwave cookbook. My kids called it “Stuff”. They loved it.