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5 Reasons to Choose Airbnb When Traveling

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Looking for that perfect vacation, or a peaceful weekend getaway? Airbnb could be just what you’re looking for. 5 Reasons to Choose Airbnb When Traveling.

5 Reasons to Choose Airbnb When Traveling

Learning to live life in 2021. With so many of us still working remotely and possibly will continue to work from home. I believe we will begin to combine work with a vacation. I mean why not? A family can be enjoying the sights of the city or the amenities of the rental while you work online. Think about it the possibilities are endless!

What is Airbnb and why should you use it?

On any given night, 2 million people stay in homes on Airbnb in 100,000 cities all over the world. There are more than 6 million listings in 191 countries to choose from —that’s more than the top five hotel chains combined.

  1. After spending so much time at home in 2020 I think we all need and want a change of scenery. Airbnb already fits that need and has for several years.
  2. We’ll soon be visiting our families and Airbnb would make an affordable alternative to staying in hotels/motels or with family in their homes.
  3. Thinking about moving? You can try out the neighborhood first with Airbnb. There is bound to be a few choices in almost every state, city, and neighborhood.
  4. How about a few days with a pool, a hot tub, or maybe a sauna? You can find plenty of luxury amenities on Airbnb.
  5. Get out of the city and enjoy some time in nature, check out the rentals that offer outdoor living. Cabins, cottages, they have everything from glamping to almost camping.

Every year I get together with my life long friend Debbie. She lives in Southern Kentucky. I’ve been looking at Airbnb for quite some time, doing my research. Finally deciding to go ahead and plan our girl’s trip.

We were looking for a place close to the interstate highway, but we still wanted to feel like we were far from everything. We found the perfect place right outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Lots of privacy, nature, hiking trails on the property, and so much more.

The cabin sits on the property of a local zip line company. Boone Creek Outdoors The cabin is called Cabin on I-75 in Lexington an Outdoor Destination.

We wanted to be close to Lexington and this rental was the perfect choice for us. You can hear the interstate traffic from the cabin, and that may bother you, so keep that in mind if choosing this rental. We didn’t mind the property was so private it made up for the traffic noise.

One of the owners told us the cabin was already on the property when they purchased it. This gorgeous cabin has been brought up to date and has everything you need and still feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

The entrance to the property is unmarked. You follow the gravel road until the cabin comes into view, it all of a sudden pops up out of seemingly nowhere.

The view from the deck is magnificent. It overlooks the valley and gorge. One evening we saw several deer at dusk.

The cabin has two beds. One on the first floor the other bed was up in a small loft.

The cabin is one big room with a bathroom, shower, and a washer and dryer. The washer was not working the two days we were there.

The kitchen was small but equipped with everything you need. They have an Induction Stovetop. I must admit that I’ve never used one. It was really quite comical watching me try to figure out why I couldn’t get the burners to stay on. After several tries, I looked up Induction Stovetop and read an article on how it works and how to use it. I was using a pot that I’d brought from home and it was aluminum and didn’t work with the burners.

Evidently, you need cookware with magnetic bottoms. Induction works without an open flame or heating element. Only the pan heats up not the stovetop. It was pretty cool after I figured out how to use it. I’m definitely going to look into getting one.

They provided a nice little grill on the large deck. The grill was nice and clean, plus it worked great!

There were a couple of marked trails on the property. They were right off the deck. It was a nice day so we walked some of the trails.

We thought it was pretty neat because we came across an old zip line platform and zip lines. I don’t think these are used anymore

There is a nice wood burning buck stove inside the cabin. It was nice and easy to use, it heated up the place for the entire night. They supply plenty of firewood.

Here’s a picture of some of the deer on our first evening. They were down in the valley. A beautiful site to see. It was at dusk so the photo is a little dark. It was a fairly deep valley, the deer look closer than they really are.

They also have beehives on the property. The hives are tucked away out of sight and a short walk from the cabin.

A view from the front of the cabin looking down into the valley.

The cabin is located very close to the Kentucky River. We took a short drive to a locally famous restaurant called Proud Mary’s. Proud Mary’s is located right on the Kentucky River. It’s the hottest place around!

We stopped by but decided not to go in. They do have outdoor seating weather permitting. We walked to the river one because I love water and two, there was a huge bridge that we wanted to see.

After a two night stay, we packed up to be out by check out, 11:00 AM. We had a couple of hours before we were able to check into our next Airbnb rental so we stopped in Lexington at our favorite eatery Parkette Drive-In. Don’t you love the sign? The waitress at the top, isn’t she neat?

The Parkette Drive-In opened in 1951. The sign, created in 1953 or 1954, was $10,000 but would cost close to $100,000 today. It is about 30 or 40′ tall. The Drive-In spends about $1,000 a year replacing transformers and lights to maintain the sign.

courtesy of the Parker’s website

The place seems to be a favorite hangout for old vintage cars and trucks. Very cool!

After lunch we headed to our next Airbnb destination.

Our next Airbnb stay was at a Tiny House” in Lexington, Kentucky, located in the Hills and Dale neighborhood. It’s said to be an up and coming neighborhood. These are older homes on nice size lots, and not far from the city. It was clean and felt safe.

It’s a nice quiet neighborhood with many of the residents out walking their dogs at all times of the day and evening. I love a neighborhood with personality.

The Tiny House

First, let me say this “Tiny House” is not for everyone. If you like the outdoors, cats, chickens, don’t mind a rooster crowing anytime he feels like it, and not afraid of heights, this place is perfect for you. It was perfect for me!

We were greeted by one of the owners. She was wonderful. The house is located in the back of the main house in the rear of the property. They also rent a couple of rooms in the main house. After we settled in we never heard a peep from anyone.

The “Tiny House” is actually used as an artist’s studio. You can tell by all the cool artwork and painting supplies. There’s a wooden gate at the entrance to the “Tiny House” that makes you feel like you have your own little private homestead. It comes complete with a chicken coop and greenhouse, and don’t forget the rooster.

The Tiny House didn’t feel as tiny as it could have, it has a unique eclectic look and feel. The attached sunroom lets in plenty of light and adds extra living space.

The overhead fans circulate the air so the sunroom doesn’t get stuffy. It was our favorite spot to hang out. At night the room was lit up with all different colored lights, it was beautiful. We were burning a little incense, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

There was so much to look at, so much to enjoy.

There were even mirrors on the ceiling.

It may be a “Tiny House” but it’s loaded with lots of little amenities. This is a perfect location for your body, mind, and soul. In the shower, dressing area there is a Sauna. It is large enough for one person. There is also a very relaxing fountain in the room. Very zen.

This view is from inside the shower/sauna room. Love the beaded doorway.

This view is from the deck of the pool. It’s gorgeous!

One of the resident cats.

One of the resident chickens.

And of course the very handsome rooster. It was so much fun watching him prance around the property. He gave several good shows!

Another unique thing about The Tiny House is the attached heated composting toilet in an attached heated outhouse. You have to go outside to enter it. That may not be for everyone, especially in the colder weather. I love new experiences!

Reasons to Choose Airbnb When Traveling

  • Where are you planning on going on your next vacation or overnight trip? Instead of looking for a room in a local hotel-motel check out the website Airbnb.
  • The options on Airbnb vary widely. Whether you’re looking for a single room, a whole apartment, or a house, you’ll find plenty of options on Airbnb.

So, exactly how does Airbnb work?

  • Go to and enter the destination and dates you wish to book.
  • A whole list of rentals will pop up on a map and a list with photos for you to browse.
  • You can specify certain amenities in your search. Such as a pool, hot tub, waterfront, whole house, single room, etc…
  • Go to How I Book a Place on the Airbnb website and you’ll find all the information about signing up and getting started.

Have you stayed at an Airbnb or someplace similar? I would love to hear about your experience.

For now, I’ll say good day, happy traveling, and that you may find adventure in everyday living. xoxo

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