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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Simply Perfect Quinoa and Pineapple Side Dish

  Quinoa, it’s all the rage and rightly so. It nutritious and it tastes scrumptious, pair quinoa with pineapple and you have a simply perfect quinoa and pineapple side dish. My husband agreed to join me this year in eating a cleaner diet. I have always leaned

Heart Healthy Cookies for My Valentine

  As I grow older I become even more conscious of the importance of taking care of what I feed my body and my soul. My husband and I both decided this year, we would make the foods we eat a priority. It’s something that

Start Your Day with a Healthy Apple Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffin

I’ve always leaned towards eating healthy, my biggest challenge has always been eating breakfast. I don’t like eating right away in the morning, I like to have something I can easily take to work with me and eat a bit later. Of course, I could grab

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