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  • 1 bag brown lunch sack small
  • 3 sheet construction paper Orange, yellow, and red construction paper.
  • 1 stapler
  • 1 Crayon black or brown
  • 1 index card


  1. Cut about 2 inches straight across the top of the lunch bag. That’ll be the tail feathers.
  2. Cut out a circle for the turkey head and 2 long strips of the orange to make the legs. Fold the legs like an accordion.
  3. Cut out a beard shape with the red.
  4. Cut out a diamond shape with the yellow for the beak.
  5. Staple the legs onto the front bottom of the bag, put the cup of rice into the bag.
  6. With the bag standing, fold down each side towards the center. Staple each side to keep folded.
  7. Staple the head and beard in the top center.
  8. Fold and staple on the tail feathers.
  9. Glue the beard and beak on last.
  10. Attach the recipe card to the turkey and you have an adorable little gift.