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Create a Custom Book with Blurb and Save!

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Creating Custom Books for the Holidays?

Blurb’s Book Making Boot Camp Makes It Easy!

I hate to say it, but it’s time to start thinking about the holidays and gift giving. It could be just me, but I think it’s much easier to learn how to do something by watching a video (even if it’s a short one). For instance, making your own custom book seems like it would be really complicated, but then you watch a video walking you through it and it becomes pretty understandable. Here’s a quick video from Blurb (less than 3 minutes) that quickly walks you through publishing your own book using their BookSmart tool—sort of a book making boot camp. Save 20% on photobooks which is great news if you’re thinking ahead to the holidays and making a gift to send. Special offer for new customers only. Save 25% on photobooks… even better for those of you who are new to Blurb books. Just don’t wait because these deals end October 31st. 


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One thought on “Create a Custom Book with Blurb and Save!”

  1. Tracy @ HandmadeWarratahstree says:

    What a fantastic Idea. They even have it in Australia.

    Handmade at Warratahstree

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