Dec 21

Snowman Stocking Stuffer

Here’a an easy way to jazz up a chocolate bar for a cute stocking stuffer. This was one of many little goodies Miss Pam, Katie’s pre school teacher had in Katie’s Christmas bag. I thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you.

You’ll need:

Piece of white paper





pipe cleaner

small pom poms

chocolate bar

First wrap your chocolate bar.

Tie the ribbon around the chocolate bar.

Attach with glue the pipe cleaner for his ear muffs.

Glue on the pom poms

Slide the ribbon off and draw your face.

Slide the ribbon back on and you are ready to go. So easy and pretty darn cute too :)

Where I party.

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  1. Evelyn @ My Turn (for us)

    Just too darn cute!!!

  2. Grandma Kc

    Amara would LOVE doing those! I have everything we need but the candy bars!

  3. Georgie Lee

    Very cute and easy!

  4. Charlene@A Pinch of Joy

    This would be fun for New Year’s too! Thanks for linking on Busy Monday!

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