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Category Archives: Frugal Tips

Groupon Makes Gift Shopping Afforadable

This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated in some way. You can ask my husband, all opinions are mine. 🙂 I don’t know about your family, but my family has so many birthdays in August and September, it’s crazy! Doing a quick count

Earn $20 in Rewards to Spend on Magazines

I may be old-fashioned in this way, but I still enjoy reading a paper magazine. How about you? Are you still paying for your magazines? I don’t pay for any of mine and haven’t for many years. Today I’m going to share how I do

Perfectly Cooked Bacon

I love eating bacon, I don’t love frying it on the stovetop. My son Sean recently shared with me how he cooks his bacon. It’s so nice to share cooking tips with my kids they are so grown up. Anyway, he told me he cooks

Freezing Fresh Tomatoes

It’s almost September and the tomatoes are ripening faster than we can eat them. I Usually pressure can my tomatoes. This year I don’t have the time to drag all the equipment out. I decided to preserve my tomatoes the easy way by freezing them.

Financial Peace of Mind

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I am all about having financial peace of mind. I’m already planning what I am going to do next year. I always set a budget for how I spend my money. Who wants

13 All-Natural Uses for Dawn Soap

I am a huge fan of Dawn dish washing soap. It’s the only one I’ll buy. I shared a couple posts some time ago, showing you how to make Homemade Foaming Dish Soap and an All Purpose Spray Cleaner.   Did you know you can use Dawn in many

Homemade All Purpose Spray Cleaner

Cleaning products are so expensive. I used to would stock up on them when a sale was good and I had a coupon. I like the GreenWorks products. I came across this recipe on The Frugal Girls. I love it. It works great and there

Peeling Fresh Tomatoes

The tomatoes in my garden are ripening fast. Soon there will be so many that I will have to start canning and/or freezing them. I don’t want to waste even one tomato. You can’t get that fresh from the garden taste anywhere else. For canning and freezing my

Freezing Fresh Corn

I went out early this morning, wanting to meet the corn truck at the local vegetable stand. I love to be there when they pull up with the fresh picked corn. I try to buy a couple dozen ears at a time and freeze for

Homemade Laundry Detergent

  Have you ever considered making your own laundry soap? If you haven’t you should. I have been making my own for over four years. I’ve always been able to get a pretty good deal on laundry soap. But this homemade laundry detergent recipe makes 2

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Cooking Dry Garbanzo Beans

Yesterday I spent a fun filled day with those two cuties. We worked in the garden a bit until we got rained out. Since I started my journey of eliminating processed foods I have been buying beans in bulk. I  cook a large batch and

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Homemade Foaming Dish Soap

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big coupon user. I can’t imagine paying full price for any personal care items or household cleaners. I have always been able to get really great deals on those items. I have found that Dawn dish

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Saving and Freezing left-over Vegetables For Soups and Stews

I keep a plastic bag in my freezer that I use to keep any left-over vegetables.  If we won’t be able to eat it before it spoils .I will toss the left-over vegetables in a plastic bag/container and put in it the freezer. When I make soup or

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