Feb 17

A Little About Me & A Perfectly Posh Pamper Yourself Giveaway!

Perfectly Posh Pampering Basket Giveaway

Today I want to share a little of myself with you. I started blogging a little over 3 years ago to give myself a creative outlet. I had been taking care of my Mom who had  Alzheimer for 10 years. She was getting in the late stages where I needed to be home more and I’m the type who has to stay busy, ask anyone who knows me. I was on Facebook one day and someone invited me to play this game called Farmville.  I accepted. You see, I am not a gamer player at all. I’m more of the barefoot gardening girl who likes to compost and make her own laundry soap. But the name Farmville sucked me right in , made me look and I got hooked! Then one morning a few months down the road.  I woke up worried that I had to harvest my crops before they wilted and I thought to myself, this is stupid and a total waste of my time. I stopped cold turkey. Left my crops to wither and die. I never went back. I realized I needed something more productive to do. :) So I started my blog and never went back to the farm.

People always ask me at work to share how I can tomatoes, or cook a certain dish. I love to share recipes and ideas with friends so the whole blog idea seemed like a good fit. I also thought how great it would be to get my little grand daughter involved. She love blogging with Mamal. I get the camera out she knows to brush her hair and make sure she’s wearing a nice shirt. :)

Red Paper Chain ~ Preschool Craft 025

I like using all natural ingredients in my foodlaundry and certainly my personal care items. There are so many products on the market that we are finding out are down right harmful to our bodies. One reason I love blogging is because I am able to test many different products and review them. I am able to give my honest opinion on whether I like the product or service. When you write your own blog you can say what you want, good or bad that’s the power of the Internet.

I love cooking with fresh produce from my own garden. I also mill my own grains for baking. That is one of the best things I have ever done, I love the taste of fresh milled flour. Much different then typical all purpose flour.

After spending the last 13 years taking care of my sweet (most of the time) mother in my home, I realized how little I took care of myself. I always took care of someone else first. Especially after my mom became more dependent. She needed me, all the time. I was her constant, her lifeline. When you care for someone who has Alzheimer it’s a whole different way of thinking. You are always waiting for the next thing to happen because it will, it always does. You don’t know what it’ll be, but it will be something, and something you just have to get through for them. My mother passed away on October 28th from late stage Alzheimer disease.


I am now on a mission to make sure we as woman take better care of ourselves, our bodies, our minds and spirit, and especially our souls. We need to support each other, it’s as simple as that. I prayed to be pointed in the right direction and this is where I am. Here with you, and I am having the best time!

Today I want to introduce you to Perfectly Posh Personal Pampering Products. I want to help you take better care of yourself and if you’re interested I can show you how you can start your own business too. But most importantly I want to introduce you to these amazing products by this amazing company. It’s all based on simple natural ingredients and philosophy. Just what I love. The prices are affordable. I now get a discount on my own personal care items plus I am going to start sharing all I can about these products. I want to help educate you on taking better care of you. So how about it? Take a look, I think you will  be pleasantly surprised. If you are interested in purchasing any products you can do so on my web site. If you want to sample some products or want more information please email me at PerfectlyPoshDiane@aol.com

As a way of saying hello, I care about you, I want you to have a happy day I am giving you a chance to win this beautiful Perfectly Posh Pampering Basket. All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Lisa

    Awesome story and introduction Diane!!!!

  2. Rachel Cartucci

    The delish face wash would be really nice to try!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  3. Dana

    I applaud your mission and agree with you – as women, we are usually busy with taking care of the people we love and do not step back and realize that we need to take care of ourselves, first and foremost.

  4. Tammy

    There are so many different things I would love to have. I love taking baths, putting masks on my face, pedicures, etc. Please take care of yourself. I know your mom and your family would appreciate it.

  5. jody

    Very nice to get to know you a little! Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. Sarah

    The chunk poka dot peppermint bar and the pink snarky bar looks soooooo nice!!! These products look amazing and I’m glad u introduced them to me!! I’m going to hop around that website even more now!!

  7. Amber Mejia

    I would like to try any of them but if I had to choose just one it would be the face wash.

  8. Sherri Lewis

    I could spend hours looking at all that and making wish lists :) I would love to try the coconut creme coctail body butter

  9. Kylene

    I would love to try the detox body mud!! Sounds amazing! :)

  10. Renee

    – BFF: Best Face Forever Wash

  11. Kylene

    I would love to get my hands on some of that detox body mud!! :) It looks AMAZING!!!

  12. Angie

    Thank you for sharing your story and about Perfectly Posh. I had never heard about the company until today.

    H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting Blog

  13. Felicia

    I am first so sorry about your mom. I know that it had to be a long road to travel and many times people have time to prepare but it’s still hard. I lost my aunt to breast cancer in 2007. I am in total agreement with us as women taking care of ourselves! As caretakers we often forget about us so this post is a great reminder!! Thank you!

  14. roxy

    thanks so much for sharing your story [especially the farmville addiction]! and the lovely giveaway. :)

  15. Cindy Leonard

    I’d like to try the Under Wonder Pore Primer and the Sweet Young Thing Anti Aging serum wand! But there are tons of items I could add to the list! :)

  16. Leelo R

    I have never heard of Perfectly Posh before, but checked out their website and their products do seem good. Especially I am interested in those D-tox products and Beauty Balms. Too bad I can´t enter the giveaway since I am not from US :(

  17. Alli

    I had never heard of Perfectly Posh. I love that they use all natural ingredients.

    I enjoyed getting to know you through your post and my heart goes out to you over the loss of your mom. I’m glad that you are taking care of yourself! Your grand daughter is adorable.

    Stopping by from the commentathon

  18. andi

    BLESSINGS that you’re doing all of this… :D

  19. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the introduction! That was a great idea! It has to be wearing to be caring for someone and still find the balance in caring for yourself as well. You must be a very strong woman! Thank you for the personal post and for the giveaway!

  20. Joyce A. Raymond

    I would like to get my hands on the lip balms, but that is followed by just about anything at all listed in the catalog.I couldn’t find one, but I hope they have a good peel off mask. Thank you for the head’s up.:)

  21. Irene Soh

    Beautiful story. Great Mission. Nice giveaway products…… Unfortunately not from the US so cannot participate….

  22. Kathie Craig

    I would love to try the Skindelicious — Mixed Berry Jam.

  23. Carie Spence

    Great story! Perfect reason and way to start your blog. I love all natural things too!

  24. Jeryl M.

    It looks like there are some great things in that Perfectly Posh basket.

  25. Chrystal @ YUMeating

    Alzheimer’s is such a tough thing. When I first met my husband his grandmother had caretakers in her home. Then it got to a point where she had to be placed in a home because she would go outside on her own, despite locked doors and notes all over telling her not to. She does well in the home and actually thrives with all the companionship. Other than the Alzheimer’s she’s perfectly healthy. She went through the period where she had forgotten how to eat. Which scared us all. But, she’s got people who love, care, and work with her.

    I know there are many who forget to take care of themselves. I battle depression and PTSD so what little energy I have is spent dealing with my family and household stuff. I tend to put myself last on the list. I am trying to not do that anymore and take care of myself as well as get my weight down. Because, I matter.

  26. Ashley C

    I’d like to try The Saint cream mask!


  27. Lauren

    I cannot enter the competition as I live in NZ, but I just wanted to pop over and say hi! I am glad I have never investigated Farmville, although my husband always seems to be collecting some sort of points or rewards on his iphone games.

  28. Jenn

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom. What a good and faithful daughter you are though to care for her through such a serious illness.

  29. Amanda Smith

    I’d like the Hello honey hand cream! Nice Giveaway!

    I like to can and garden and use natural things too! I’m your new follower!

  30. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan

    So glad you stopped worrying bout your Farmville crops and started this blog – milling flour is something that totally intrigues me! Awesome giveaway

  31. Katie @ Pick Any Two

    Loved reading your story! I’m trying to use more and more natural products.

  32. Toiia L. Rukuni

    I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. My Grandfather suffered in similar ways from Alzheimers and I miss him everyday. I really love all of your natural products! Keep up the good work!

  33. Eschelle Westwood

    I am so sorry about your mother’s passing that must have been a very hard thing to go through for so long. I lost my mother to lung cancer when I was 20 and miss her everyday.

    very lovely to meet you via the commentathon

  34. Megan Bailey

    Such a touching story! I can relate to needing something to do. I have a ton of hobbies, so that I can be working on something, whether I’m watching TV or waiting on church to start. And yes, also the making of all natural household and personal care products.

  35. paula

    Great intro! Love that farmville got you on facebook, it’s amazing how addicting that game is! ;)

  36. Lisa

    I LOVE your idea of simplicity. Great info. We try to use homemade and natural more and more, but it’s HARD. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Tamara Wilson

    Thank you so much for sharing about yourself like that. I LOVE your mission I agree women need to take care of their needs.

  38. Paulina

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mom! I love that your granddaughter blogs with you those must be some sweet memories for both of you!

  39. Louisa

    I love giveaways! I wish I could enter! I admire your dedication to your mom. Not many children would do what you did.

  40. Celine

    You have a good heart Diane! Thank you for sharing your story. I admire how you take good care of yourself from the food that you eat and from having time for yourself. Every woman needs it ;) I wish I can join the contest…too bad I’m not from the US :( O well. Enjoy the weekend!

  41. Sarah

    What a great mission, to help women take care of themselves.

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss, and I think it’s great how you’ve turned something very sad into a big positive.

  42. Kendra

    I was the same way with Farmville. I’d love any of the Bombinators. How pong have you been selling the line? It seems like a great product. I’d be interested to learn more but your link is broken. It doesn’t direct to your site but rather a general one.

  43. becka

    :) very nice giveaway. Thank you. :)

  44. Tammy @ creativekkids.com

    I really enjoyed reading about why you started blogging. You had me laughing with the farmville! You have a great purpose for your blog! I entered your giveaway, and I would like the scrub or the lipbalm!

  45. Juanita A May

    The BFF: Best Face Forever Wash sounds good.

  46. Jamie Brigham

    I’d love to try the night and day moisturizer. I have super dry skin

  47. Mary

    I would like to try the Skindelicious in Mixed Berry Jam

  48. nannette and the sweetheart

    Hi Diane, I would love the hand creme and face help! :) Great post about YOU, sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. So happy you have found an outlet, you do it so well. ♥

  49. Audrey Ann

    LOL about your Farmville story, so funny! Seriously though, what a great mission, to help women take better care of themselves – love it!

  50. Regina Partain

    Hi Diane. So nice to get to know you through this introductory blog. I can only imagine how difficult those 10 years must have been. My condolences to you on your mother’s passing. How wonderful that she had you to help her through those difficult years.

    What a great mission you have embarked on. Women truly don’t take care of themselves like they should. We are usually too busy helping others or taking care of them. However, if we run out of fuel we can’t help anyone else. Good luck on your mission.

  51. Katherines Corner

    thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I hope you will add it my my giveaway page. Looking forward to trying the healer. Thank you for joining the fun and sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  52. Chuck Taylor

    Thank you for sharing your story Diane. I cannot imagine your struggle with your mom. I am glad that you are using her struggle as an opportunity to help others. As a life coach I interact with people who suffer with struggles and do not know what to do with their difficulties. You stand as a beacon of hope for those who want to make their life count and make a difference. Thank you for giving so much of your time to help others. Blessings.

  53. Dawn

    Thank you Diane, for sharing with us your life and business. I could relate to the farmville thing. I got hooked shortly after my Grandma passed and I had PPD. It was a great escape those months while I learned to adjust to the changes. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  54. Joyce Ackley

    All of the products seem awesome, and I love the clever names. I think I would like to try the Snarky Bar.

  55. Jennifer Finn

    I would really like to try the face wash

  56. Tomes Edition

    I’m sorry to hear our your loss. All of these facebook games are so addictive so i stay far from them. I’m happy you started to blog and also helping other women. Great mission!

  57. Kathleen

    I’m fascinated by the Under Wonder Primer. I don’t wear make-up because it gets clogged in my pores and they are so large it draws attention to them. One of my biggest areas of discontent. As for Farmville . . . LOL . . . I plowed mine under about 3 years ago and haven’t been back. Candy Crush kills me and it is a big time waster!

  58. Tammy

    I love your mission and am seeking inspiration to get back to “simple”. Good luck with your products!

  59. Ashleigh @ Passion for Life, Love, and Health

    I can really relate to your story about Farmville. I used to play; I even got so hardcore about some of the limited edition crops that I would set alarms for the middle of the night to make sure I got enough harvested in time to earn those cute little signs. While I still think that games have their place in our lives–it’s important to have entertainment, and I view games as no different than movies or tv shows–it’s hard to not view that as wasted time. I guess there’s a difference between having a favorite form of entertainment and letting that entertainment take over your life, ya know? I’m glad you found blogging as your creative outlet instead of Farmville, and hope it has helped you cope through the loss of your mother. <3

  60. Elizabeth

    I loved your introduction and getting to know you more.

    I agree with you. I think taking care of ourselves is a very important job. It’s very much like the oxygen mask first that they tell you about when you fly in an airplane. We need to be healthy so that we can care for the people in our lives.

  61. Elizabeth

    The Soothing Stick looks really fun! I think I’d like to try that.

    The Foot Putty looks interesting, also.

  62. Linda Madden

    I would love to try the Sugar Fix-DaMintcha. Thanks so much.

  63. Felicia

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. It’s never easy losing a parent, which I experienced a couple of years ago. Thank you for sharing your story though, it was great to learn more about you! :)

  64. Kyle Nelson

    Great getting to know you. Seems like you are filled with joy and bliss. I am for sure going to enter this raffle of yours :)

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Loosing anyone is a difficult thing to go through. My thoughts are being sent your way :)

  65. LeeAnn G Taylor

    I’d like to try the lip balm.

  66. Mary Diehl

    I’d love to try the Hey, Honey Healing Hand Creme, my hands get so bad in the winter. thank you for the giveaway.

  67. ashley cossette

    I wuold love to try the detox body mud!

  68. Angel B

    Would love to try the detox body mud.

  69. Kobi Hensley

    Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar

  70. Kim

    Thank you for sharing your story! Your products look great!

  71. Misty Lunceford

    I would love to try the body mud!

  72. alena svetelska

    I would love to try the Skindelicious — Mixed Berry Jam.

  73. Donna Warrington

    I would love to try the Brown Sugar, Baby Bodyb Sugar Scrub

  74. Senny

    So many amazing products to try! I love body butter so that would be a must for me! The coconut creme cocktail would smell delish I’m sure!

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